Monthly Budget Plan

Molloy College participates in a deferred payment plan through the independent agency Tuition Management Systems. Should you elect to use this method of payment, you must contact Tuition Management System directly. It is the responsibility of the account holder to accurately determine and establish the monthly payment account. A formula for determining this payment is included in the information you will receive from Tuition Management Systems.

Tuition Management Systems

Semester Payment Plans:

Number of Monthly Payments Due (Spring 2018 Semester)
5 monthly payments
due on the 25th of each month from
December 25th to April 25th

If You Enroll... # of Payments Due at Enrollment Your Next Payment is Due Dec 15 0 Jan 25
Dec 16 - Jan 15 1 Feb 25
Jan 16 - Feb 15 2 Mar 25
Feb 16 - Mar 15 3

Apr 25

How Monthly Payment Plans Appear on the Bill

When you enroll in Tuition Management System for the term, you will be informing TMS of your owed balance to Molloy, which will be your TMS Budget. TMS will split that budget over the course of the payment plan, including the $45 per semester administration fee. Your TMS budget will appear on your bill with an asterisk (*) to the left indicating the TMS Remaining Budget as an anticipated payment. As long as your TMS Budget covers your balance in full, your bill will show a $0.00 balance. If you budget with TMS does not cover your Molloy College balance, you will either need to pay the difference to Molloy, or contact TMS to increase your budget. Each time you make a payment to TMS, your bill will show a payment made for that date. Your TMS Remaining Budget will decrease to correspond to payments made. You must keep making TMS payments as long as there is an amount shown for the TMS Remaining Budget on your bill, as the asterisk (*) indicates these payments have yet to be received.

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