Bursar FAQs

What do the fees cover?

  • Registration fee covers the cost of maintaining student registration documents, including records of classes attended and registration activity.
  • Tuition covers all academic-related costs.
  • Health and accident insurance. Visit the Health Office if you want to increase your coverage.
  • The general fee covers the maintenance and upkeep of the physical plant of the college.
  • Student activity fees are outlined in the Student Handbook or you can visit the Student Development office.
  • Technology fees cover the cost of upgrading and maintaining the infrastructure of the college, including student email, computer labs, the library system and laptop wireless system.
  • Course fees are mandated by the individual departments and are attached to specific courses.

What do the education course fees cover?

  • Online subscriptions to curriculum websites
  • Updating of equipment in the Education Division model classroom, including iPads, MacBook Air computers, SmartBoard technology, cameras for videotaping lessons in field experiences
  • Education Division computer lab updates; this lab is for the exclusive use of education students. Printer paper, ink cartridges
  • Seminars provided to student teachers to prepare them for the New York State Teacher Certification Exam known as "edTPA," which is a performance-based assessment in which student teachers videotape themselves teaching a class and submit to Pearson for evaluation and ultimate approval by NYSED
  • Teaching materials for the various content areas (ex. mathematics games, language arts flashcards, science experiment materials, etc.

Do students have to pay $400 every semester?
No. Continuing matriculated students are not required to pay a tuition deposit prior to registration. However, you must have a zero balance on your student account or there will be a Bursar Office hold recorded which will prevent registration.

How often do I have to do financial aid paperwork?
Financial aid paperwork is renewable each academic year.

What is the refund policy?
Please refer to the current Molloy College catalog.

How can I view my bursar account online?
Your bill is posted in the Lion's Den. Go to https://lionsden.molloy.edu/ics and click on the 'My Finance' tab and then click on 'My Account Info' to view your statement and pay your bill online.

When will I receive a bill and when will it be due?
Bills for the fall semester are mailed mid-July and payment is due early August, as noted in the academic calendar. Bills for the spring semester are mailed mid-December and payment is due early January, as noted in the academic calendar. For summer and winter sessions, full payment of tuition and fees is required by the due date specified in the course offering book. Summer and winter intersession bills are not mailed. After meeting with your advisor, you can view bills online and satisfy any outstanding balances.

Who can the Bursar's Office speak to regarding my bill/account?
In keeping with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Bursar's Office is only able to disclose account information with the student. To authorize access to other individuals, a permission release form must be completed by the student. Permission release forms are available for download in the Bursar's Office. Each office has their own FERPA waiver that must be completed by the student granting the office permission to discuss bills.

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