Historical Facts and Figures

Brief historical facts about Molloy College, its development and traditions are provided here - primarily in checklist or summary form. For detailed information about any of these topics contact the College archivist.


Quealy Hall FacadeMonsignor Quealy Hall
Ground breaking: August 15, 1954
Occupied: September 21, 1956
Dedication: October 26, 1958


Kellenberg Hall East FacadeBishop Kellenberg Hall
Ground breaking: August 15, 1954
Occupied: September, 1958
Dedication: October 26, 1958


Maria Regina Hall east FacadeMaria Regina Hall
Ground breaking: May 7, 1963
Occupied: September, 1964
Dedication: March 21, 1965


Wilbur Arts Center South entranceWilbur Arts Center
Ground breaking: September 10, 1978
Dedication: September 14, 1980


Chapel of the Sacred Heart front entranceChapel of the Sacred Heart
Dedication: September 4, 1983



William J. Casey Center, front entranceWilliam J. Casey Center
Ground breaking: September 5, 1991
Dedication: December 13, 1992



Sienna Hall exteriorSiena Hall
Dedication: November 21, 2005



Buildings no longer extant

915 Northville Avenue House front facade

"the Mansion" 915 North Village Avenue
the first home of Molloy Catholic College for Women,
this 17 room victorian home was rented for the College in May 1955.
It was vacated by Molloy and torn down in September 1956.


Campus Features

Memorial GrottoMother Rose Gertrude Memorial Grotto
Dedication: Nov. 11, 1963




Our Mother Our Confidence statueOur Mother, Our Confidence
Statue, erected 1982




Songs and Symbols


Alma Matter

In faith and loyalty,
We Pledge ourselves to thee;
To Molloy, we give our praise and raise our voices to her name;

Our friendship always true,
We place our trust in you;
Our love for you will grow with every day we spend,
In every way we send our thanks to you,
Dear Alma Mater -- MOLLOY.

Pioneer sisters


Rev. Mother Anselma Ruth, O.P. 1955 - 1957
Rev. Mother Bernadette de Lourdes, O.P. 1957-1962
S. M. Celeste Beck, O.P. 1962-1972
S. Janet Fitzgerald, O.P. 1972-1996
Dr. Martin Snyder, Ph.D., 1996-1998
Dr. Drew Bogner, Ph.D., 2000-