The 2nd Annual Self-Empowering Workshop for College Bound High School Students

My Time Has Come is hosting its second annual "Self-Empowering Workshop for College Bound High School Students," as well as, "So Your Child is Going Off to College: What to Expect and How to Deal with It" for parents on Saturday, June 9, 2012 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at Molloy College.  We invite students and parents, both of whom will benefit from attending this informative and worthwhile event.

My Time Has ComeThe goal of the My Time Has Come program is to provide social and cultural enrichment activities designed to help people successfully navigate life's challenges. The self-empowerment workshop for high school juniors and seniors addresses the need expressed by college-bound graduates and their parents, for heightened awareness, understanding, and the tools to navigate the many challenges which can interfere with college success. These challenges include issues regarding separation from home, time and money management, values, peer pressure and relationships, study habits,
alcohol, drugs and sex.

This year, we are adding an important component targeted toward addressing the concerns of parents through a second workshop. This workshop offers a forum for parents to express concerns related to their children leaving home for college. On hand will be current college students, parent/child relationship experts, and post-divorce strategists who will provide them with tips.  

An impressive line-up of resource persons will also be available, including current college students, educators, business owners, book authors, medical doctors, community activists and faith-based leaders, mental health practitioners, and at least one model/actress. All of these people from many walks of life care about the well-being and academic success of our youth. Other highlights include: breakfast and lunch, musical expressions, and a creative art activity. Special prizes and more will be given to the first 50 students who register!

My Time Has Come is a not-for-profit organization that promotes tolerance to racial, cultural, ethnic, and generational differences; fosters a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and pride gained from the creation of culturally-inspired works of art; develops skills; encourages appreciation of the contribution of cultural practices; increases knowledge, understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage; cultivates and improves interpersonal relations; and fosters a sense of well-being.

For  pre-registration, sponsorship opportunities, or for additional information, please visit us at or call 516-783-9178. The deadline for pre-registration is May 25, 2012.