The horseshoe crabs are coming, and CERCOM needs your help

Spring is in the air and Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus) are getting ready to spawn at beaches along the east coast of Long Island. 

Beginning with the first full moon in May and ending with the new moon in July, horseshoe crabs arrive at Long Island beaches to lay eggs.  Spawning adults are counted at HIGH TIDES on the following dates:

2015 Spring Tide Schedule

Gather your friends and family and enjoy an evening of "Limulus in Limelight" on any or all dates on the Spring Tide Schedule.

Local high tides can be found at or can be found using local tide tables.

If you would like to volunteer to count for Molloy College, contact Sixto Portilla at for more information.

All volunteers are asked to visit their beach within 2 hrs. (before or after) of the scheduled high tide and count spawning adults on the beach and those visible in the water from the water's edge.

Data for the 2015 Inventory can be submitted at our new Molloy College inventory website.  Please visit the website BEFORE you venture out to view the updated data sheet: