Supporting Congregations with Stand-Out Streaming: Professor Katherine Schmidt Guides Faith-Based Organizations in Embracing Technology

CRUX - March 20, 2020
By Nick Mayrand

Dr. Katherine Schmidt

As many Catholics turn to online streams for Mass in the COVID-19 era, one expert is encouraging Church leaders to issue additional guidelines for digital Masses to set them apart from other TV shows that people watch.

"There are ways to make choices in our livestreams and recordings that mark them as a different kind of space, a sacred space, to minimize distractions," said Dr. Katherine Schmidt, a theologian at Molloy College who has been studying the relationship between digital culture and the church for the past decade.

"If you've ever been part of planning a big liturgy, you know that all the details matter immensely," she told Crux. "So in this particular moment, why wouldn't it matter where the cameras are placed, how well the audio is working, or what sort of posture the viewer is in?"

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