Professor trained in new suicide prevention program a benefit to Molloy students

By Anthony Vela

Adjunct Nursing Professor Patricia Mulvaney-Roth, RN, MSN, PMHCNS, BC of Molloy is one of 32 nurses who compose the first class of instructors trained to provide the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Adjunct Nursing Professor Patricia Mulvaney-Roth, RN, MSN, PMHCNS, BC(APNA) Competency Based Training for Suicide Prevention. Roth heard about the program last year before the 2015 APNA annual conference.

"I signed up because I am passionate about suicide risk assessment, prevention, and intervention. The training began as a 7.5-hour pre-conference course at last year's 2015 APNA annual conference.  At the end of the course, participants were asked if they would like to become facilitators through a much more detailed course of learning.  The facilitators course was more than a year of study, involving many modalities of education," said Roth.

"Successfully completing the training to become a facilitator for this program is a significant achievement, the product of more than a year of study and hands-on practice. Patricia Mulvaney-Roth is now a confirmed content expert in suicide risk assessment, management and prevention and may work with APNA to provide this training to institutions, communities, and individuals. This educational program is the first to be based upon suicide risk and assessment competencies which were developed specifically for psychiatric-mental health nurse generalists," said Meaghan Trimyer, Director of Communications of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

The students at Molloy will benefit from Roth's extensive knowledge base because of the program." As a clinical instructor for class N429, my students and I are in an inpatient psychiatric facility where the student will begin to demonstrate understanding of therapeutic communication, knowledge of psychotropic medications, and apply theory of psychopathology to the practice setting.  I am in a unique position to share my knowledge base with these students on a 1:1 basis and in a group structure (pre/post conferences). In addition, I am a classroom lecturer for N289, a class in which the professional role of the RN is examined, identifying the various socio-cultural, psychological, and biological factors related to many disorders, such as substance use disorder and anxiety as well as assessing crisis and grieving, where assessment for suicide is discussed," added Roth.

The press release is available here.