Professor Normadeane Armstrong in the News

Coronavirus, Questions and Answers: What can you do to Protect Yourself?

Newsday - January 30, 2020
By Lisa L. Colangelo

Who is vulnerable? How can people prevent exposure to coronavirus?

"Risks of contracting the virus is based on epidemiologic exposure - and therefore exposure to persons infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and those ill with respiratory symptoms who have traveled to Wuhan or neighboring cities," said Normadeane Armstrong, a professor of global health and epidemiology at Molloy College.

CDC officials have pointed out that almost all of the confirmed cases in the United States are people who traveled to Wuhan.

"Right now, the best prevenion is good hand-washing," Armstrong said. "It is still too soon to project what other populations may be at risk, but the best methods of protection right now is basic infection control."

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