Noyce Scholarship Leads to Careers in Education

Noyce grant scholarship recipient Nora Kassebaum talks about the benefits of the grant to her career in education. 

Can you explain in your own words what the NOYCE grant is?
The Noyce grant is a scholarship available at Molloy College that offers students incredible opportunities for their career path. It is filled with tremendous help and support from the faculty every step of the way. The Noyce grant guides students to make the right decisions and provides them with helpful connections so they can become amazing teachers who make a difference in student's lives.

How have you benefited from the grant?
The grant gives a large sum of financial aid toward the student's tuition. Not only has it provided financial support, the program has also given me great opportunities to meet with teachers and make connections for the future. Another great benefit of this grant is the constant support from Molloy College. I feel comfortable and more secure about the future.

Why should students to apply for the opportunity?
I think it is very important for students to apply for the grant because it helps support them financially and guides them through the path towards their career. It is beneficial to students because they are set up with the right tools to succeed in becoming a teacher. It gives students more confidence to become a teacher who excels.  

How has the grant affected your future, and what are your plans post-graduation?
I feel more secure in becoming a teacher because of all the help I've received and the connections that I may never have made without this grant. My plan after graduation is to become a high school biology teacher in a high-needs school. I also plan to earn a Master's Degree.   

Biology major Nora Kassebaum

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