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Happy to Help, Happy to Teach

By Austin Nieves
Austin NievesWhen I think of the word "teacher," I picture my middle school teachers, my professors, my coaches, and my parents. I never thought about myself as a teacher until recently, when I began to work summer baseball camps, sharing the knowledge I've gained as a college athlete to younger ballplayers ages seven to 16. Since then, my view of myself as a teacher has expanded. I see that I've been teaching not only baseball players at camps, but my nieces and nephews, my friends who ask for advice, and even my patients in my clinical rotations here at Molloy.

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach," said the great philosopher Aristotle. This quotation always comes to mind when I think about my nursing classes at Molloy. I cannot even begin to think about the number of times I've heard a professor tell the class that simply knowing the information is not enough in nursing; you must fully understand it and apply to real-life situations. Nurses have a wide scope of responsibility. One of the largest responsibilities is being a teacher. More...

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