Newsday: Molloy Trustee speaks re: genes and cancer risk

By Delthia Ricks

Molloy Trustee Heather PalmoreTwo years ago, Molloy Trustee Heather Palmore tested positive for a BRCA 2 mutation, a gene that when flawed is associated with breast and ovarian cancers. Her doctor told her she was his first African-American patient to receive such results.

For nearly two decades, mutations in the genes BRCA 1 and 2 have been associated with other populations despite what medical scientists now say is overwhelming evidence that black patients are also affected.

Researchers at the University of Chicago found nearly a quarter of the black women they tested carried mutations in either BRCA 1 or 2.

Palmore, 42, a trial attorney in a Garden City law firm, has never had cancer. But she was urged by her physician to undergo testing because of an unbroken chain of cancers in her family that seemed, from her physician's viewpoint, to be directly linked to a mutated BRCA gene. Read more.

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