Molloy Nursing Professor Honored for Frontline Pandemic Work

Molloy Professor Randy Pellew was recently honored by the Nurses Association of the Counties of Long Island (NACLI) for his work on the front lines during the pandemic. Dr. Pellew has been a full-time member of Molloy's faculty for two years, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. He also works in the emergency room of Long Island Jewish Medical Center and is involved in numerous community outreach efforts on Long Island.

"There are so many in our profession doing this kind of work," said Dr. Pellew.  "I am proud to accept this award on behalf of all the healthcare workers who continue to work tirelessly for so many patients."

Dr. Pellew and other members of the faculty (Dr. Lorraine Emeghebo, Dr. Judith James Borga, Dr. Marcia Caton, Dr. Patricia Mason) have a new initiative they have created to help healthcare workers on the front line, a Facebook group called "COVID-19 Front Liners: Ease Your Burden."  "This is about helping healthcare workers relieve their tension during these very stressful times," said Dr. Pellew.  "Even the simple act of chatting with someone in the group who is going through the same challenges as you are can be incredibly helpful in relieving some of the anxiety and tension that these healthcare professionals are facing on a daily basis."