Molloy Lowers Flag to Half Mast to Honor Steven McDonald

As you may know, Detective Steven McDonald passed away on Tuesday, January 10, four days after suffering a heart attack.

Detective Steven McDonald at MolloyThe NYPD officer, 59, was shot in 1986 while patrolling Central Park.  The injury left him paralyzed from the neck down and, for eight months, unable to speak.

Detective McDonald, a friend of the College and a regular attendee at Molloy events, was by all standards a man of faith and courage.

Despite his devastating injury, which left him wheelchair-bound and dependent on a respirator for breathing, he remained on active duty with the NYPD.

One of his many lessons to all of us was his ability to forgive his shooter, a 15-year-old boy. This inspirational act made him a highly sought after speaker at a variety of public and parochial schools on the topic of forgiveness and the importance of peace.

The values he demonstrated, along with his amazing grace and dignity in spite of his circumstances, are what we remember today.

The thoughts and prayers of the entire Molloy community are with his family today.

In honor of Detective McDonald, I have asked that the flag in front of Kellenberg Hall be placed at half-mast.

Drew Bogner, Ph.D.