Molloy Inspires a Career in Media

By Erin Battaglia

I had the pleasure of interviewing Communications: Media alumna Melissa Grebe about her time at Molloy, her passion for media/new media, her career, and more. She had a focus in New Media during her time at Molloy, which she actively pursues as her profession. Hearing Melissa speak about the classes I am currently enrolled in and how much they benefit her in her occupation elevated my excitement for my future endeavors. I found her story very informative and interesting, and will definitely use her advice in the future.

Melissa walking at Graduation.Melissa Grebe graduated from Molloy in 2016, and now is a marketing coordinator for Castella, one of the largest importers, manufacturers, and distributors of specialty foods in the United States. Melissa's role at Castella requires her to create digital and social media marketing campaigns and work with email marketing and bulk mail campaigns for consumers and major customers. She also works closely with their corporate and ecommerce websites and manages their social media accounts.

During her time at Molloy, Melissa was involved in MolloyLife and Molloy Student Government. She worked on video production at MolloyLife for her first three years at Molloy.; her senior year, she was elected through Student Government as a MolloyLife representative as well as a student ambassador. Melissa worked as a communications coordinator between the schools clubs and communities and the student body. She also made promotional content for events, both on social media and the banners that hang in Public Square. Being a part of Student Government and MolloyLife helped her learn how to work in groups, as well as taught her the skills she needed for what she is doing today, Melissa said.

We discussed the New Media program and what it did to inspire her to make a career in the digital world. "I have always been very interested in art, and have always been creative, but it wasn't until I took New Media classes at Molloy that I realized I really enjoyed new media and online content production," Melissa said. She also went on to say that when she was in high school, she took some digital art classes that she really enjoyed, so it only made sense for her to continue a career in media.

I was interested to hear about what the classes she took at Molloy that stuck out to her the most. I wasn't surprised when she said two New Media courses that hold a place in the foundation of the program: Online Content Production and Civic Engagement. "Both Online Content Production and Civic Engagement were taught by Jamie Cohen, who is an outstanding professor at Molloy. I don't think I would have found my passion in new media if it weren't for him." In Civic Engagement, Melissa thought it was very interesting to learn about activism in digital spaces. Online Content Production was the first New Media course that she took at Molloy. "Online Content Production was the perfect introduction into the program. It is where I learned how to make content for the internet and got an understanding of code. It really helped to know code like HTML and CSS, because that got me into what I'm doing now," she said.

We ended on this statement, which is something that we both try our best to live by: Never stop creating. It is said often in the New Media program, and something we both will hold with us for a very long time. Always go beyond your limits when you are making content, step out of your comfort zone. Media is a place for innovators and creative minds, for people who have the passion for creating new content.  

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