Molloy College Professor Publishes Book on How Engineering Practices Affect the Earth

Dr. John T. Tanacredi's book, The Redesigned Earth: A Brief Review of Ecology for Engineers, As If the Earth Really Mattered provides insight into the basic aspects of ecology that impact or are affected by engineering practices. Ecological principals are described and discussed through the lens of the influences that built structures have on the Earth's biological, geological, and chemical systems. The text goes on to elucidate the engineering influences that have or will influence the face of the Earth. These influences redesign the Earth, either by destroying natural systems and replacing them with highly subsidized systems or by attempting to restore highly disturbed or contaminated systems with the basic natural systems that were originally present.

John T. Tanacredi, Ph.D., Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring (CERCOM) Director & Professor of Earth and Environmental Studies, Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Research (BCES) at Molloy College.

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