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Long Island Business News - September 23, 2019

Beyond the grade

By Bernadette Starze

Newer rankings tend to put a greater focus on outcomes, such as graduation rate and salaries after graduation, than "inputs" - criteria like GPA of the incoming students and peer assessments from college presidents and provosts in the region, said Drew Bogner, president of Molloy College in Rockville Centre. "The outcomes are what parents and students tell us are most important to them," he said.

Molloy College President Drew Bogner"Somehow we got to a point where the important thing was for the kids to go away and have a formative experience, and there was less emphasis on what happens after that," Bogner continued. Students and their parents racked up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and the students couldn't get jobs when they graduated.

"We're at a historic moment now," Bogner said. "Things are shifting. Generation X parents and their kids are more practical and more concerned about the outcome and less focused on formation and development."

While "a certain segment of the marketplace will still look for formative experiences," Bogner said, "I don't think it will be seen as a medallion of success that you were able to send your student away to a top private institution like it was for a long time. If you look at the window decals on the backs of cars in the region, you begin to wonder what part of it was the parent wanting to have that decal? High schools, too, want to advertise how many of their students went to Ivy League schools or little Ivies, but what we should look at is what happens after graduation, and that's where the ratings are shifting."

Last year, The Wall Street Journal ranked Molloy No. 18 in the country for "Added Value." Added value was calculated by comparing predicted salaries - based on factors including students' SAT scores, family income and the school's percentage of first-generation college students - to the actual outcomes for graduates 10 years after enrollment. Other accolades for Molloy have included inclusion in the "Top 10 Best Value Schools" among Catholic Universities by College Values Online in 2017 and the No. 1 College to Study Healthcare Professions by College Factual, also in 2017.

"The advantage of going to school in the New York area - if you want your son or daughter to get a good-paying job - is that institutions like Molloy use the metropolitan area for clinical opportunities and internships, and the experiences are at a higher level than they would be elsewhere," Bogner said, noting that Molloy students have done an average of three internships by the time they graduate.

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