Faculty publish book on New and Digital Media

By Anthony Vela

The Humanities Division and the Communications Department are happy to announce the publication of Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the Web (Focal James Cohen and Thomas KennyPress 2015) by James Cohen and Thomas Kenny.

Thomas Kenny and James Cohen co-founded the New Media program at Molloy and knew the content well enough to put a book together.

"Tom and I teach the same digital media courses and we thought, hey, why isn't there a textbook for this? So, we figured if no one else did it, we'd do it," said Cohen.

Producing New and Digital Media is your guide to understanding new media, diving deep into topics such as cultural and social impacts of the web, the importance of digital literacy, and creating in an online environment. It features an introductory, hands-on approach to creating user-generated content, coding, cultivating an online brand, and storytelling in new and digital media. This book is accompanied by a Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the Web companion website-designed to aid students and professors alike-that features chapter-related questions, links to resources, and lecture slides. In showing you how to navigate the world of digital media and complete digital tasks, this book not only teaches you how to use the web, but understand why you use it. 

The book has been out a little over two months, and the response has been good.

"As far as I can tell, the response has been great. We've had interest from not only courses at the college level, but high schools as well," said Kenny.

Please visit the following link to their new book: Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the Web.

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