Molloy professor publishes book on neurodevelopmental disorders

Molloy's own Dr. John Carpente, Assistant Professor of Music Therapy and Director of the Rebecca Center, recently published: Individual Music-Centered Assessment Profile for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (IMCAP-ND): A Clinical Manual. 

Reviews by Healthcare Professionals, Academics, and Researchers

Individual Music-Centered Assessment Profile for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (IMCAP-ND): A Clinical Manual. "The IMCAP-ND is a paradigm shift and revolutionary force, and will surely transform the very landscape of music therapy assessment. Without question, it will find its way into the modus operandi of music therapy professionals worldwide who work with people living with neurodevelopmental disorders..."
-Brian Abrams, Ph.D., MT-BC, Coordinator of Music Therapy, Montclair State University

"The IMCAP-ND offers the music therapist a developmental and relational framework to understand, assess and promote human development. The "right" brain is given voice in the IMCAP-ND, and offers all pediatric disciplines a window into the full range of human drama."
-Gerard Costa, Ph.D., Director and Senior Lecturer, Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

"This clinical manual will be an indispensable tool for all music therapists who believe in the power of affect to help clients relate and communicate through the experience of musical-play."
-Cecilia Breinbauer, M.D., Director, Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL)

"An important remaining challenge is to develop valid assessment tools that are sensitive to the specific changes that music therapy induces. John Carpente's new book helps to fill that gap by presenting a set of music-centered rating scales that examine clients' capacity to musically interact and thus present a musical way of thinking about, working with, and understanding clients... this book and the scales presented therein will be widely used by clinicians and researchers."
-Christian Gold, Ph.D., Principal Researcher, GAMUT, Uni Research, Bergen, Norway, Professor, University of Bergen, Norway

"Dr. Carpente provides an invaluable resource for music therapists who provide services to people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The IMCAP-ND includes three rating scales that are easily scored and compiled and which give solid information on the client's strengths and needs as well as clear guidance on setting clinical goals."
-Elizabeth K. Schwartz, M.A., LCAT, MT-BC, Co-Founder, Raising Harmony: Music Therapy for Young Children

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