Molloy College: Creating Tomorrows’ Leaders

By, Lucijan Jović

As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Not only does Molloy promote academic excellence in the classroom, the school emphasizes professionalism that creates future leaders. This common practice is seen through in-class presentations, leadership workshops, keynote speakers, and conferences. Molloy College has provided me with several opportunities to learn and grow professionally not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well.

As an orientation leader, I have been fortunate enough to attend the Regional Orientation Leaders Institute in Burlington, Vermont with the Office of Student Affairs. This conference has not only provided me with the knowledge of how to elevate our orientation program, but has given me the opportunity to learn from other campus leaders from all over the country. While a heavy emphasis was placed on the logistics of orientation, a good amount of time was devoted to learning how to be an effective leader. Workshops such as: public speaking, creating a community, and communication have given me the knowledge and tools to grow my leadership ability. The opportunities do not end here; as a member of Molloy Student Government, I have to been given a larger leadership opportunity to represent the student body as a whole in academics.      

As the Academic Chair of Molloy Student Government, I serve as the liaison between the students and the faculty. Communicating with students, department chairs/deans, and collaborating with other student government members is a weekly routine. In this position, I can make greater contributions by allowing more student voices to be heard. Student Government has given me the opportunity to not only improve my leadership ability, but learn the branch of curriculum and instruction relevant to my major. As academic chair, I have gained new insights to the structure of higher education, the proposal of courses, and policies and procedures relevant to education. Being able to learn/read about policies and procedures in the classroom and then see it in the field/my position is a very rewarding feeling.

Through the extensive opportunities that Molloy has given me I can say that I have learned and gained the necessary skills needed to be a creative and well-rounded educator. In addition, while a great deal of knowledge is learned in the classroom, the workshops from the education program, conferences, and being a member of a larger organization have all contributed to the knowledge that I will carry with me beyond my years at Molloy. Molloy College creates lifelong learners, innovators, and professionals through the opportunities they offer.    

About the Author

A picture of Molloy Student Lucijan Jović

Lucijan is and Adolescent education/dual degree special education major in the 5 year bachelors/master's program at Molloy college. He serves as the academic chair of Molloy Student Government, orientation leader, student ambassador, peer mentor, and sits-in on several committees. He has a passion for writing and learning different types of pedagogy to educate students. Overtime, Lucijan hope to receive his doctorate and use the knowledge he has gained at Molloy to be a leader in the field of education.

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