Communications Department efforts for Sandy Relief in Long Beach

Two students, Kristopher Kelly and Raphaelle Chassagne, created the following video as a class exercise for a TV studio and new media course here at Molloy entitled, Video Storytelling for the Web.


Communications Department Volunteers for Sandy Relief in Long Beach

by Nicholas Crispino

An act of goodwill and kindness can go a long way in this world for anyone living in desperate times. Long Beach residents who've become a victim to the unprecedented destruction of Hurricane Sandy surely have a need for this remedy of compassion. That's why on Nov.  17, students and faculty of the Molloy College Communications Department put down their books and papers for a day and decided to make a difference for those struggling in the aftermath of this disaster. On a bright Saturday morning, the department teamed up with the organization Sandy Help LB. The main goal was to clear houses of any debris as was assigned to them by Bryan Murphy, head of Sandy Help Long Beach. Debris removal included beds, tables, clothing, record albums, china, photos, sheetrock, and other items that have a personal meaning to the owners.  The first house cleared was owned by Pat Digiovanni and his 95 year old mother Nettie. Within an hour everything that was in the house, including two beds, was on the curb waiting to be picked up by the sanitation department. "You guys are a life savior, I appreciate it so much from the bottom of my heart," said Mr. Digiovanni after the clean-up was finished.

Chairperson of the Communications Department, Deidre Pribram, organized the relief effort and was there to give a helping hand. "It was an extraordinarily great thing to do as a group, and I was really proud of the Molloy students and how hard we all worked together," said Professor Pribram. Pribram wasn't the only professor on hand, Professor Brian Cogan and Administrative Assistant Matt Rizzo also helped with the relief effort. "It's literally indescribable what people have gone through in Long Beach," said Professor Cogan. "A lot of people don't know the full extent of it, every little bit is going to help and if you can contribute in some way you should do so." Long Beach resident Laurie Buscemi, lost everything in her home but still held onto a plaque in honor of her farther who served as both Police Commissioner and President of the City Counsel of Long Beach. "I think it's great what you guys are doing, I think it's charitable for people who don't have any other means to get this done," said Buscemi.  Students Lauren Machowicz, Joe Tarantino, Liz Nugent, Melissa Weiss, Deena Smith, and Kevin Brophy all assisted in the effort and even brought some friends to chip in. Machowicz spoke about her experience during the day, "It opens your eyes and makes you realize not to take anything for granted."

After five hours of hard work the department managed to clear out five homes. Even though it's a small dent in the refurbishment of Long Beach, the Communications Department made an impact that can last forever in the memories of the victims of Hurricane Sandy in Long Beach. Professor Pribram seeing the success the group has had, plans on organizing another relief effort on the South Shore sometime soon.

Anyone looking to help, volunteer, or donate, below is a listing of Hurricane Sandy Relief Organizations.

Sandy Help LB
Bryan Murphy
120 West Park Avenue - Remax office
Long Beach, NY,
Cell: (516) 647-3242

American Red Cross
195 Willis Ave
Mineola, NY, 11501
Office: (516) 747-3500

Catholic Charities of Long Island
90 Cherry Lane
Hicksville, NY, 11801
Office: (516) 733-7000

The House of Hope
11 East Mineola Ave
Valley Stream, NY, 11580
Office: (516) 561-6150

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