Molloy College Alumna Creates App that Matches Love with Adventure

Kristen Norton, '10, a graduate of Molloy's Social Sciences division, shares with us how she created The Dating Bucketlist app for people to match love with adventure.

What is The Dating Bucketlist app all about?

The Dating Bucketlist is a free app that allows people to match love with adventure by creating their own unique, personalized bucketlist. Who hasn't spoken, made, read or dreamed about a bucketlist at one time or another? Whether you want to stay in your comfort zone or challenge yourself, The Dating Bucketlist will increase your chances of discovering love! The advantage of our app is that it gives users the opportunity to pick bucketlist items that they know they love or to explore the things they have always dreamed about. The possibilities are endless.

How did you come up with this unique idea?

Molloy College Alumna Creates App that Matches Love with Adventure
Left to right back row: Brittney, Diane, Kaite.
Left to right front row: Courtney, Kristen, Madison.

Our creation team consists of myself, my two daughters Brittney and Madison, my two nieces Kaite and Courtney and my sister-in-law Diane. Three of our team members are Molloy and Fordham-Molloy social work graduates. I wanted to teach the next generation of women in my family how to take an idea, create a plan and make it happen. I felt it was important for them to have the confidence to be independent thinkers and be able to dream big. Before creating this app, I had already started two businesses of my own and loved the independence it had given me.

A little less than two weeks after our first "official business meeting," my niece Courtney was tragically killed in a car accident. She loved the idea of creating this app and her enthusiasm was contagious. We have made it our mission to not only complete the app but make sure that it reflects who she was and what she loved to do in her life. Some people create businesses with money as the ultimate goal, our journey has been quite different. The six of us created an app based on love, filled with love and will continue to share it with the world to spread the love in honor of Court. The Dating Bucketlist idea grew out of great conversations with real people who told tell me their stories. My mom, who's now almost 80, said "back in the day" people would go on dates that were activity based. They would head to Coney Island for a night of fun, dance the night away at the Copacabana or maybe even enjoy a glass of wine at a beautiful NYC restaurant. One of my family members, who's in her 20's, shared that she had created a wish list of dates to use as a guide for great adventures while trying to find love. I also spoke with a few of my single guy friends who told me their idea of a great date was to hit a hiking trail to head to see their favorite band at a local venue. Each of these stories lead me to believe that people really want an opportunity to spend their free time exploring new and exciting adventures while finding love, and we think our app is designed in a way for people to do just that! I am excited to help people find love!

How does the app work?

The Dating BucketlistIt's quick and easy to join. Sign up, create your bucketlist, and start matching. Our unique algorithm generates an instant match based on bucketlist similarities. That means once you get matched, you have an instant date idea. All that's left to do is to set a time and place to meet. The app launched earlier this year and people can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to catch the latest updates!

How did your studies at Molloy contribute to your success in this endeavor?

Getting my bachelor's and master's in Social Work helped sharpen my active listening skills, deepen my critical thinking, become a problem solver and enhance my understanding of human behavior. This, in turn, led me to design and offer a platform for people to use to connect with others. Also, being involved with the Social Work department and fellow students allowed me to gain confidence in myself. This confidence has been the cornerstone of my success by allowing me to not only dream about what I want to do, but have the courage to actually do it. 

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