Picture Perfect: Matt Considine ('19) Interns at Bravo

When junior Matt Considine came to Molloy College, he already knew he wanted to be a Communications major with a concentration in media. His hard work and passion for photography and videography has helped him succeed both in the classroom and outside of it. This semester, he is a cable entertainment intern at Bravo, which is part of NBCUniversal.

 Between commuting two times a week into the City for his internship and juggling his class schedule and extracurricular commitments, Matt found time to stop by and discuss his exciting opportunity with Bravo.

 How did you learn about the internship opportunities at NBCUniversal?

Matt Considine in front of Bravo sign. I first discovered NBC's Campus to Career program when I was in high school. Since I started college, I have worked hard to build up my resume. I've interned at The Fresh Air Fund, worked on a public access show, and I have been part of MolloyLife Media since I was a freshman. In the fall of my junior year, I felt that I was ready to apply for the NBC internship.  

Tell me a little bit about the application process to become an intern.  

In early November, I sent over my resume and cover letter. A little over a month later, I was contacted to submit a video interview. A few weeks later, my current supervisor emailed me saying she would like to do a phone interview with me for the cable entertainment intern position. She emailed me shortly after the interview was completed and told me I had been hired to intern in the photo department for Bravo.  

While some internship positions are specific to NBCUniversal as a whole, Cable Entertainment Interns work with the various networks owned by NBCUniversal. The position is not network-specific when you apply to it, so I did not know which network would reach out to me. In the weeks following the submission of my video interview, I did not know I would be contacted by Bravo, but after interviewing with them I knew it would be a great fit. I am happy to be part of a great team.  

How do you think your experience at Molloy so far has prepared you for this internship?  

First of all, I started at Molloy with 12 credits from high school, so I was able to dive into my Communications classes more quickly than most students. My classes have given me the foundation I needed to do well.

My time at MolloyLife Media has been very beneficial. I am the photo editor, but I have been able to work in all different areas of media production. As a student-based organization, we are always "all hands on deck," and that has allowed me to have unique opportunities, pick up new skills, and fill various positions in the photo and video production processes.

Recently, I created a video for MolloyLife that captures our women's volleyball team in their journey to win their first-ever ECC Championship and to compete in the 2017 NCAA Division II East Regional Tournament. The video draws on my past experiences shooting sports and news-style interviews, and having the opportunity to cover such a hard-working team on their incredible journey helped me to create a short-form documentary that I am truly proud of.  

What has been the coolest part of your internship so far?   

NBCUniversal is located in Rockefeller Center. It's amazing to ride the subway and exit on the first floor where the tourists are, knowing that you will then be taking the elevator up and spending your day working with and meeting such a talented group of people. Besides working with and learning from my very talented photo team at Bravo, I have also met some incredible people that work in other areas under NBCUniversal. Most recently, I've had the opportunity to sit in with a video editor from NBC News who discussed with me her job, some of the benefits working with NBC has afforded her, and has shown me some of the pieces she was putting together for coverage of the Oscars.  

What do you hope to take away from this internship?  

I think the most obvious answer would be the connections that I've made and continue to make both at Bravo and at NBCUniversal as a whole. But also, I want to get as much professional experience as possible because that is always going to feel different than being in a classroom setting.   

What advice would you give other students looking for internships?  

Don't be afraid to apply for whatever internships you want. The only thing you lose by applying to an internship is the time that it takes to apply; however, it is completely worth it for a shot at your dream job.  

I would also encourage everyone to get involved on campus, either through a club or student-based organization. There are so many opportunities to gain experience at Molloy and find out what interests you.  

What is next for you?   

This summer, I will be participating in The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change with Professor Jamie Cohen and a group of Molloy students. After graduation, I would love to work in video production or post-production, but I also don't want to limit myself.

Photo courtesy: MolloyLife Media