Long Island Business News: The starting salary for Molloy College grads is $64,000

If you want your kid to come out of college and start paying off the college loan immediately, don't send your darling to UCLA, Johns Hopkins or Amherst.
No, MapQuest your young scholar to Rockville Centre because the starting salary for Molloy College grads is $64,000, higher than starting pay for grads from the prestigious schools listed above. In fact, according to PayScale - a global clearinghouse of compensation data - Molloy also beats all Ivy League schools in starting salary, ranking fifth overall, trailing top dogs M.I.T. and Cal Tech. But what's up with Molloy taking a backseat to Loma Linda U. and, no kidding, Harvey Mudd College?

Seems any grad with a diploma in engineering or health sciences - a Molloy specialty - starts to see serious bucks for a 21-year-old, and Loma and Mudd also fill that bill. PayScale additionally lists the best undergraduate degrees by salary. Topping the list for starting median pay is Petroleum Engineering (duh) at $97,000. Lowest on the list? Degrees in Elementary Education at $32,400 and Child and Family Services at $29,600, which tells us exactly what we value. Confidential searched for journalism and found the Fourth Estate tucked away at 69 out of 120 professions (starting salary $36,100), giving statistical proof that we made a bonehead move when we went into this for the money. Check out what you do for a living at payscale.com

Taken from the from Long Island Business News.

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