#HearIAM Logo Winner

"I want to extend a huge congratulations to our #HearIAM logo winner, BiQing Li! BiQing is a Senior Fine Arts student," said  Talita Ferrara, Project Coordinator- SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant Program.

HearIAM logo"When I saw the name of the campaign "#HearIAM", I felt that we cannot ignore the students who show signs that they need help with their depression. This reminds me about ears because we have to listen to their problems, so I designed the half of the logo to look like an ear. After I read the mission statement, I wanted to express that we have to pay more attention to the students who are suffering from mental illness. Therefore, I designed the entire logo to look like a heart which means we care about them and we have to let them know that we are here for them. Moreover, the entire design also looks like a hand heart which means we can handle this situation to responding to students' needs and don't pass the buck".

"Our #HearIAM campaign, aimed at promoting suicide/depression awareness and prevention within the Molloy Community, will officially launch Fall 2017.," said Ferrara.

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