LI Herald: Molloy Nursing No. 1 Nationwide

By Peter Belfiore

Excellence in nursing 'One patient and one interaction at a time'

What does it mean to be a Molloy Nurse?

Nursing instructors performed in-service training with one of the nursing school’s advanced simulation mannequins.When talking to students and administrators at Molloy College's nursing school, it means learning in an environment where professors closely guide their students to success, where students have the opportunity to learn their trade at state-of-the-art facilities and gain valuable experience at clinics and hospitals across Long Island and New York City.

Graduation means continuing Molloy's reputation for excellence in nursing "one patient and one interaction at a time," according to Molloy President, Dr. Drew Bogner.

When talking to employers of former nursing students, Dean of Nursing, Dr. Jeannine Muldoon said they would often tell her, "There's something different about a Molloy nurse. It's something hard to put your finger on, but it's there."

Recently, Molloy College was ranked No. 1 in nursing nationwide, according to a study done by College Factual, a college ranking organization. The No. 1 ranking comes after years of Molloy being within the top five nursing schools in the country.

The ranking was determined according to the quality and variety of available learning resources, as well as the success students find after graduating.


Photo by Peter Belfiore/Herald