Bars, Cars and Catastrophes

Inspirational speaker Joe Rhea will discuss the perils of drinking and driving, and the catastrophe's that can follow.

Date: September 30
: 7 p.m.
Location: The Madison Theatre

"Our students need to know that you just don't die in drunk driving traffic crashes, you are killed violently. Not to mention often times catastrophically disabled for life with brain or spinal cord injuries. There are worse things in life than death and or going to jail for a couple of years. My program will address these issues in great detail," said Joe Rhea.

Rhea will also be presenting a video called "Its My Life," and says will leave students speechless.

"I cannot express enough to you the conviction of which I writing with. It's time for our students to get it! It is time for them to be ticked off when they hear about someone they know has died in a drunk driving car crash. My program will do just that!"

  • How to protect their most valuable assets, their brain and spinal cord
  • About the perils of drinking and driving
  • How drinking affects the brain
  • That catastrophic life changing injuries occur more often in car crashes
  • How brain and spinal cord injuries affect families
  • To think BEFORE they drink, and choose a designated driver

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