Greetings from Spain

Twenty-three Molloy students are participating in the Study Abroad Program in León, Spain. This month-long program is organized by the Department of Modern Languages and the Office of International Education at Molloy College. For twenty-two years, Molloy students have been coming to Spain to study Spanish language and culture in the University of León and travel to different parts of the country: from mountaintops to prehistoric caves, from the yellow plains of Castile to the luscious beaches of the North and the Mediterranean, from cosmopolitan modern cities to Roman sites, from medieval winding streets to nineteenth century tree-lined boulevards. But it is our students themselves who can best describe this experience:

Marissa Evola (Spanish/Education): "This month in Spain has opened my eyes to a small, amazing piece of what the world has to offer. Immerse yourself in a new culture, thrive on their food, see through their eyes, and, most importantly, have a voice in their language."

Angelica Labrise (Speech Language Pathology): "The best way to learn about another culture is to be immersed in it and I'm glad I have the opportunity to embrace Spanish culture."

Greetings from SpainShakhan Volmar (Communications): "People often ask me, 'do you love León?' And I reply, 'of course I do. Why else would I come here for a third year?'"

Elizabeth Thelusca (Nursing): "The inevitable cycle of living in León: First you're nervous; next, you slowly get out of your comfort zone; then you never want to leave."

Daniel Minotta (Marketing): "The way to really appreciate a language is to learn about and immerse yourself in the culture behind it. By following their way of life, music, humor, vistas, and especially food, you can learn a lot more about how it came to be, why expressions and even words are what they are. It has truly been an eye opening experience to see how different yet similar our human experiences are, and how they shape out perspective on life."

Katelyn Maroney (English Teacher/TESOL Extension): "A well rounded person is one who strives to live out of his or her comfort zone, experience new things, and explore the perspectives and customs of others. Living in Spain has positively impacted and changed my life forever. Of course the immersion program has taught me a new language; however, the lessons it has instilled in me has revamped me. I can competently say I now thoroughly comprehend the terms: empathy, gratitude, and appreciation. This was the best experience of my life."

Ethan DeAbreu (Accounting): "The vast potential of the unexplored world awaits you. Release yourself of the obligations of the mundane and experience something truly extraordinary. The soul cannot be nourished by material possessions, only by rich experiences."

Stephanie Amendoeira (English/Education): "Stepping beyond our comfort zone is how we become strong, confident, independent, capable and rich in spirit."

Dakota Giodonello (Speech Language Pathology): "Life is like an hourglass; we must cherish precious moments and experiences like these before our time comes to an end."

Alexis Kellar (Accounting): "Life is what you make it. Experience the world, make new friends, try new foods, and take a step outside your comfort zone. I could never imagine I would get the chance to immerse myself in a whole new life and a whole new culture, but now I could never imagine turning down such an amazing opportunity. Definitely one of the best experiences of my life."

Megan Riveiro (Nursing): "I came to Spain to learn Spanish. I certainly didn't expect my entire frame of mind to change so drastically in a place so far and so different from where I called 'home'. Traveling abroad showed me the world beyond the one I was living in and I'll forever be grateful for this experience!"

Victoria Kehoe (Business Management): "The best way to educate yourself about the world around you is traveling, and I have learned so much being in Spain."

Buen verano a todos!

Guggenheim Astorga

Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao

Astorga, León

Segovia Campo La-concha


La Concha. San Sebastián

Claustro del Hostal de San Marcos. León

Medieval Wall. Salamanca

Claustro del Hostal de San Marcos. León Medieval Wall. Salamanca

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