Got teeth? Pre-Dental student shines at Summer Scholars Program

By Anthony Vela

Cassandra Greco - Pre-Dental

What part did Molloy play in you being accepted into the Discover Dental School Summer Scholars Program at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine?

Molloy has shaped me into the person I am today. Not only has Molloy prepared me academically, it has also provided me with valuable opportunities to develop important skills. My classes have taught me Cassandra Greco - Pre-Dentalhow to be an organized, studious, and hardworking student. I am extremely grateful that Molloy offers an extensive amount of extracurricular activities. As president of the Pre-Health club, I organize events for our members to volunteer on and off campus. I am also part of our Relay for Life and Biology clubs, and I am an orientation leader.

What did you do during the program, and how will it help with your career goals?

The program was the most amazing opportunity I have had that relates to my career path. In just one week (August 7-August 12, 2016), it gave me a look at what I will be doing at dental school. I received hands-on experience in prepping and filling cavities, taking impressions, waxing a tooth, prepping and making implants, and preparing a tooth for a crown and placing the crown. We also spent an entire day exploring the different branches of the dentistry field such as dental anesthesia, periodontics, oral surgery, pediatrics, orthodontics, and endodontics. This experience confirmed that I am truly in love with the career path I have chosen.
How is the Pre-Professional Medical Program at Molloy?

Molloy has an outstanding pre-professional medical program as well as an extremely knowledgeable faculty in all of the pre-professional medical fields. As a student in this track, I am in classes with all of the students who are pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet and pre-allied health. We are all working toward a biology major and chemistry minor. We each have a regular class advisor who advises us on when to take our required classes before applying to professional schools. We also have a pre-health advisor to guide us on how to apply to these schools and provide us with different extracurricular opportunities to expand our resume.

Cassandra Greco - Pre-DentalIn addition, Dr. Cutter and Dr. Monaco have been mentors to me at Molloy. Both have influenced me in such a positive way, are so supportive of everything that I do, and are always available when I have questions or need help. They have made my experience in my major enjoyable, and are helping me obtain my dream career of becoming a dentist. I have the highest appreciation for both Dr. Cutter and Dr. Monaco for all they help me with, and their positive influence on me.

One great feature of being on this track is that we are required to complete a semester or two of field experience where we can intern at any office in the professional field in which we are interested while getting credits towards our major. These hours count as interning hours on graduate school applications.

The Pre-Professional Medical Program prepares us for the different admissions tests and is continuously evolving to prepare us for our future as much as possible. The faculty members are all a tremendous help, and they are always there when we have questions.

Will you be attending Stony Brook University?

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine is definitely at the top of my list of schools. Dental schools are very competitive, so I am considering other schools as well. During these next two years, I will be exploring all of my options for dental schools and will end up making a decision on what school is best for me.

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