From Business Boot Camp to the Big Four: Ted Goshman ('17) Shares His Story

By Hannah Werthan

Ted Goshman, a 2017 graduate of Molloy, is now working as an audit associate at Deloitte. We recently called Ted to learn more about how his time at the College prepared him for a career in accounting.

Why did you decide to attend Molloy for college?

In the summer of 11th grade, I attended Molloy's Business Boot Camp, and I was really impressed by my experience in the program. The professors, in particular Dean Stephen Bier and Peter Garrity, were great teachers. Molloy's Business program has a reputation of placing their students in internships with the Big Four accounting firms which was appealing to me. I also appreciated the small class sizes that Molloy has which foster more one-on-one interaction in the classroom.

How did you choose Accounting as your major?

Ted Goshman at workEven though I knew I wanted to be a Business major before I started college, I was not sure what kind of business I wanted to pursue. After taking Accounting 1 and 2 with Dean Bier, I knew that accounting was right for me and I wanted to have a career in auditing. I think your accounting professor has a big influence on whether or not you enjoy the class.

You were able to pass all four parts of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam your senior year. How did you make that happen?

In order to take the CPA, you need to have completed 120 credits. I was able to meet that requirement in the fall of my senior year because I had credits from high school. Having a head start was helpful. From August through December, I was studying during any spare time I had from the moment I woke up to when I fell asleep at night, which equated to roughly 50 to 60 hours a week. My professors at Molloy helped me understand the application instead of simply memorizing the concept. In particular, Professor Victor Tutino, a retired partner from a Big Four firm, was a valuable resource for me.

How did your internship opportunities lead to your current position?

I had to move up the ladder in terms of internship opportunities, which means that I started working with smaller firms. I began applying to internships in my freshman year and kept looking about every six months. As a result, I held six internships by the time I graduated from college, each one valuable in different ways. In the summer before my senior year of college, I was an audit intern at Deloitte. They extended a job offer to me for the following September. In addition, during the winter before I started full-time, Deloitte asked the new hires if anyone wanted to help out during busy season. I ended up working 40 hours a week for them on top of a full course load.

How do you like working at Deloitte?

I am really enjoying my job so far. Busy season was crazy; however, there is a greater focus on work-life balance at big firms than there was a few years ago. When it is not so hectic in the office, we have a generous work-from-home policy and we have "Flex-Day" Fridays in the summer. There has been a high learning curve, meaning I've had a lot of on-the-job training, so I have been lucky to work with a good team who has showed me the ropes.

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