Everything You Need to Know About FAFSA

Starting on October 1, 2017 you will be able complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2018-2019 academic year. You will need to use your completed 2016 tax information for you and/or your parents if applicable. Since your Federal 2016 taxes are completed you will be able to import the 2016 tax information directly to the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT). All Molloy students who receive Financial Aid, which includes: Federal, State, Direct Federal Loans, Molloy Grants, Molloy Scholarships, Athletic Grants, etc., are required to complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA and submit all required documentation by the NEW DEADLINE of March 1, 2018. 

FAFSA Instructions and Important Information:  The 2018-2019 FAFSA can be completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Students who provided a valid e-mail address on their 2017-2018 FAFSA will be receiving FAFSA renewal reminders from the Central Processing Center. You will need your Federal FSA ID to complete your 2018-2019 Renewal FAFSA on the Web. If you and/or your parents do not have a FSA ID, go to www.fafsa.ed.gov, at the top of the page select the "FSA ID icon" and apply for your FSA ID. You will need to wait 1-3 days for your information to be verified and then you will be able to log back into www.fafsa.ed.gov and then follow the directions to complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA.

The 2018-2019 FAFSA and any additional required documents should be processed and received by our Office on or before the NEW DEADLINE of March 1, 2018.  If we do not receive your processed FAFSA and required documentation by the NEW DEADLINE OF March 1, 2018 you will forfeit all Molloy Scholarships and Grants for the 2018-2019 Academic year.

In addition, The Financial Aid Office will be hosting a series of "FAFSA Fridays" to help students who need assistance completing the FAFSA. Please feel free to call the Financial Aid Office to set up an appointment at 516.323.4200. (Starting in November)

***Please note, if you are a New York State resident you MUST also complete the New York State Tuition Assistant Program application (TAP) in order to receive any money from the NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). You can do so by clicking on the direct link which appears on the FAFSA confirmation page, or by waiting 3-4 days after completing the FAFSA then visiting the TAP website directly at: www.TAPWEB.org ***

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 516.323.4200.    

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