Master of Science in Education in Educational Technology approved

Molloy has just received approval to offer a Master of Science in Education in Educational Technology, beginning in the fall of 2016.
The approved Master of Science in Education in Educational Technology prepares highly qualified teachers in the effective use of technologies in the teaching-learning process to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

Coursework focuses on the evolving uses of technology in the classroom and their integration in curriculum planning, instruction, and assessment. Candidates develop expertise in the use and development of state-of-the-art applications and equipment for teaching and meeting the needs of diverse learners. Successful completion of this program provides candidates with the skills needed to enhance student achievement through the use of technology for instructional strategies and analysis of testing data. The Educational Technology Program is aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards for teachers (NETS-T) and leads to New York State certification.

Certification: Educational Technology Specialist (All Grades)

Benefits of Offering Proposed Program:

  • Prepares teachers to use educational technology effectively to meet the individual needs of their students' ever increasing diversity
  • Offers candidates skill development in educational technology leading to diverse  employment opportunities for graduates
  • Responds to demand for expanding technology in all schools in New York State
  • Addresses  emerging professional and societal needs
  • Increases enrollment in core courses
  • Offers additional certification area for in-service teachers
  • Provides school districts with trained personnel to offer classroom instruction, instructional support for colleagues, and professional development for staff and faculty
  • Attracts additional candidates to Molloy's Graduate Education Program

The Educational Technology program is designed to enhance the existing programs in the Education Division by providing state-of- the-art and relevant technology curricula while enriching teaching and learning practices. This program will provide additional educational opportunities for the graduates while addressing emerging professional and societal needs. The goal of this program, in alignment with the overarching goal of the Division of Education, is to prepare teachers to effectively and creatively use educational technology to meet the needs of diverse students.  This program is aimed at offering certified teachers an additional certification area to enhance their ability to use technology effectively in meeting the needs of all learners. Additionally, this professional knowledge and skill set will prepare teachers for effectively using information, data, and communication technologies to enhance instruction or teach with hybrid as well as virtual teaching opportunities immediately and in the future. The degree will also provide additional employment opportunities for our graduates who can provide professional development opportunities to their colleagues in the area of educational technology.       

An educational technology focus enhances educational opportunities which address emerging professional and societal needs and prepares teachers to use educational technology effectively to meet the individual needs of their students' ever-increasing diversity. There is documented need to offer an Educational Technology program. 

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