Education Week: Molloy a Natural Fit for Innovative School District Program

Education Week - February 19, 2020

By Andrew Ujifusa

A 15-minute drive from the Baldwin Union Free School District headquarters is Molloy College, where 9 of 10 students are in preprofessional programs, according to the College's president, Drew Bogner. That's made the College, where 2,200 students study nursing, a natural partner for the district's health-sciences academy. But there's more to it than that.

"Embedding education in the practical is very important. And connecting the experiences that you have in schools to the world that you will be occupying after you graduate helps to motivate and excite students in ways that help them to achieve at even higher levels," Bogner said.

In the last few years, Molloy faculty have worked closely with Baldwin to help develop their academies in new-media studies and teacher education. Bogner also singled out the teacher education academy for praise because part of the district's goal is attracting a more diverse group of potential teachers at a younger age.

"Shari's passionate about education, the transformational nature of education, and what we can achieve, and not particularly patient with those traditions that might not be effective in our field," Bogner said, taking Camhi's side when it comes to the relative value of standardized tests. "The main benefit that I see in what Shari is doing is to provide a model that can be duplicated in other K-12 systems."

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