The Long Island Catholic: Playing Ping Pong with 20,000 people by Drew Bogner

Dr. Drew BognerPing pong is a back-and-forth game. I hit the ball to you, you react and then I have to respond to what you do. The entire game is based on how we respond to each other.

Good teaching has similar qualities, and the connection between professor and student can greatly influence how much learning actually takes place. This connection is what is most overlooked in today's debate over how to reduce the cost of higher education.

In the search to make higher education more affordable, many people have seized on online learning and, in particular, MOOCs (massive open online courses) as a way to reduce costs. The rationale is that if a professor can teach 20 students, why not have her teach 20,000 at the same time? Wouldn't there be enormous savings that a college could then pass on to students in terms of reduced tuition?  Read more.

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