Celebration of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.,  and in the current strange circumstance, it can be day that encourages us to step back from the brink we're balancing on and embrace that which can lift our spirits and nourish our souls.

Sheltering in place for me has resulted in an on-going series of poems inspired by what I'm seeing looking out the kitchen window at my backyard.

I did this one in celebration of Earth Day.

Spring 2020
by Barbara Novack, Writer-in-Residence at Molloy College

More so now
when keeping track of what day it is
is difficult
I am watching the day to day
in my backyard,
yellow forsythia aging into verdancy with March turning to April,
yesterday's beige hydrangea stalks
of cut-down autumn
today, with a spring suddenness, bursting leaves,
lilac bushes' more gradual green haze 
turning a vague purple shade
before their heady blossoming and
ethereal scent.

In this time of anxiety and fear
and four unchanging walls,
these are the blessings
that sustain, with grace
and gratitude.