Summer Delayed as High School Students Enlist in Molloy’s “Business Boot Camp”

For the fourth consecutive year, metropolitan area high school students will postpone the start of summer and forgo jobs and beach time in order to spend a week at Molloy College learning business skills.

Eighty-seven students will participate in a "boot camp" run by Molloy's Division of Business.  The students will enjoy lectures from current and former business executives on a variety of important business topics (including a business ethics course, "Can You Handle the Truth," as well as "Heart, Mind, Wallet: A Framework for Choosing a Career"" and "Toast or Roast: The Culture of the Business Meal") and will participate in a stock market trading simulation game ("Buy! Sell! Hold!), to name but a few of the activities planned for the week.

High School Students at last year's boot camp"It is extremely gratifying that in only four years this program has become an essential stop for high school students who are considering careers in business," said Stephen Bier, Dean of Molloy's Division of Business. "These students leave our boot camp with some great training, but they also take away something even more important.  Our professors bring real-world experience to their teaching, so our students leave the Boot Camp with their eyes open as to what the business world is really about, enabling them to make informed decisions that could influence the rest of their lives."

The camp will conclude on Thursday night with a dinner and graduation ceremony. Parents and students' guidance counselors will be invited to this final event.