Biology Students Making an Impact

By Lucijan Jović

Deciding where to go to college is a question that can be difficult for some to answer. That was not the case for senior biology majors Gabriele D'Orsi and Emily Calderon. When asked why he chose Molloy College D'Orsi said, "I get direct guidance and hands-on experience." Calderon added, "As a Molloy biology major I've learned important research techniques that have prepared me for entrance to medical school." With the individualized guidance of Dr. Jodi Evans, a biology professor, both students were given the opportunity to compete in the conference of Metropolitan Association of College and Universities Biologists. Through their hard work, Gabriele D'Orsi and Emily Calderon received a third-place distinction.

Both students conducted extensive research in order to find a therapeutic drug that will enhance the inflammatory response of bacteria entering the body. D'Orsi, a part-time emergency medical technician, has come in contact with a wide variety of antibiotic resistant bacteria and no longer wants to see people suffer. For Calderon, "Society relies a lot on medicine, and if we find something to benefit our own system or enhance the response, we are benefitting the health of society." The overall goal for both students was to decrease the epidemic of antibiotic resistant bacteria. With the help of Molloy College faculty and dedication, both D'Orsi and Calderon were recognized as third place finalists in developmental biology and genetics.

When asked to choose one word to describe their experience at Molloy, D'Orsi described it as rewarding. "At some other colleges and universities, you don't always get the opportunity to do research and present at conferences. Molloy makes this available for all students." Calderon describes her experience as pursuing wisdom. "Pursuing wisdom in science is more than just a hands-on experience. You want to do more and learn more about life." After speaking with both students, it became clear that Molloy has not only provided them with the skills needed to succeed, but with experiences that will benefit their own lives, as well as their future patients.

As both students begin to look at medical schools, they leave Molloy with not only their third-place victory and diploma, but the knowledge and techniques they will carry with them. D'Orsi and Calderon appreciate everything that Molloy has offered them, all from individualized guidance, to summer research opportunities and the funding and resources to conduct research. Both students are excited to conduct further research and contribute to the health of society.