Art and Music of the Medieval Era

Art and Music of the Medieval EraMedieval art, in its earliest form, was most often found in the church, being shown in architecture, in the murals and panels found in religious settings. As was typical and to be expected with artwork that originated in the church, the subjects were religious in nature, frequently showing stories from Old and New Testaments, often placing them side by side. Music was an important part of medieval society, and not limited to the upper class. Troubadours, who performed secular music, were instrumental in also bringing music to the masses beginning as simple chants in religious settings. Eventually these chants expanded taking on different parts akin to modern day harmony and counterpoint.

Jeffrey Allen Price, Adjunct Professor, York College; Nassau Community College;Hofstra University, M.F.A. 

Sister Miriam Lenehan, Associate Professor, Department of Music, Molloy College, O.P., M.S., Ph.D.

Time/Location: 3 p.m. Hays Theatre, Wilbur Arts Center

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