Art and Music of Classical/Romantic Repertoire

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Art and Music of the Medieval Era

This period was particularly known for cherishing freedom as expressed in art and music. The French Revolution laid the background from which Romanticism and the Counter Enlightenment emerged. Classical music emerged in the mid-19th century. Felix Mendelsohn resurrected Bach's St. Matthew Passion and Franz List popularized Beethoven's Ninth.

Betty Ann Derbentli, Adjunct Professor, Art Department, Molloy College, M.A., M.L.S.

Steven Tice
Director, Malverne School of Music Doctoral Candidate, M.A.

Time/Location: 3 p.m. Hays Theatre, Wilbur Arts Center

Contact: Marion Lowenthal, Director, Institute for Interfaith Dialogue, M. A., 516.678.5000 ext. 6880,