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The Parents and Families Newsletter is sent out monthly from the Student Affairs department and features various articles that help YOU help and support your student in achieving success and reaching their highest potential. In addition, this newsletter features ads from various departments on campus which include details on upcoming events, information from the Bursar, Financial Aid, as well as upcoming trips run through our International Education office. Subscribe to this newsletter exclusively for you, and enjoy staying in the know here at Molloy College!

Campus Link Parents and Families Newsletter

April 2016 Issue

  • Preparing for End of the Year Move-Out
  • Sending Care & Encouragement
  • 5 Funnies for National Humor Month
  • Promoting Car Care
  • Graduation Rehearsals
  • Before Your Student Moves Home
  • Resume Reminders

March 2016 Issue

  • Getting Beyond the Mid-Semester Slump
  • Supporting Busy Students
  • Selecting a Major
  • Spring Break Safety
  • Creating a Medical File: promoting Health Responsibility Among Students

February 2016 Issue

  • Seasonal Student Tackling the February To-Do List
  • It's FAFSA Time
  • Being an Effective Bystander
  • 12 Ways to Provide a Distraction
  • Talking about Dating Violence
  • New Federal Dietary Guidelines
  • Honoring Black History Month
  • Choosing a Job or Internship: Questions to Consider
  • How to Start Conversations with a Counselor

January 2016 Issue

  • Recommitting to Academic Success
  • Veterans on Campus
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Staying Connected through Books
  • What Would You Do if You Knew You Could Not Fail?
  • Money-Saving Thoughts for College Students
  • Valentine's Day... It's Not Happy for All

December 2015 Issue

  • Supporting Students through the Final Stretch
  • The Season of Sneezing
  • Winter Break Career Prep
  • 5 Ways to Keep the Mind Primed and Ready
  • Increasing Students' Well Being & Decreasing Their Stress
  • Money-Making Possibilities During Break

November 2015 Issue

  • 8 Ways to Connect with Faculty & Staff: Simple Tips for Students
  • Getting to Know Your Student's Friends
  • Going Home Again
  • Digging Out of an Academic Hole
  • Keeping Up the Pace Through Finals

September 2015 Issue

  • Spreading your wings
  • Fire safety
  • Academic success
  • Preparing for family weekend
  • Cars on campus
  • Staying organized

June 2015 Issue

  • Make the most of summer
  • Controlling test anxiety
  • Improving academic preparations
  • Staying connected after school ends

May 2015 Issue

  • Summer smarts
  • Ethical Development
  • Networks You Should Tap Into
  • Adjusting To Rules

January 2014 Issue

  • Make the most of the undergrad experience
  • Resolve to do better academically
  • Cold weather blues
  • Possible roomate changes

December 2013 Issue

  • Support your student through the final stretch
  • Care package ideas for finals week
  • When grades arrive...
  • Keep your mind primed and ready

November 2013 Issue

  • Heading home for the Holidays
  • Supporting sick students
  • Lending support, even when you don't agree
  • How students can get to know faculty and staff

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