Molloy Professor John Eterno in the News

3 On Your Side Investigates: Pattern of Secrecy

March 26, 2018 - WLBT 3
By C.J. LeMaster

Over the last year, 3 On Your Side has discovered a disturbing trend within the Jackson Police Department: a lack of transparency that could threaten the safety of those who live within the Capital City.

From requests for details on controversial officer-involved shootings to the number of active-duty officers on the force, each was met with silence.

In more than one case, 3 On Your Side had to threaten legal action just to get an answer.

Perhaps more troubling was what 3 On Your Side found in the department's own weekly crime reports.

For nearly a year, a 3 On Your Side analysis of weekly COMSTAT reports from the Jackson Police Department shows the public's been sold a safer picture of Jackson than what actually exists.

"Clearly there's something going on here. This is not to be whitewashed. This is serious. This is people's lives," said John Eterno, criminal justice professor at Molloy College.

Our investigation found discrepancies in those crime statistics, specifically dealing with year-to-date numbers of major crimes.

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