Molloy College/St. John’s University Announce Partnership

The School of Arts and Sciences at Molloy College and St. John's University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have teamed up to provide accelerated pathways for students to achieve their Master's degrees. The alliance permits students across 14 academic disciplines in arts and sciences at Molloy College to earn two degrees in five years, a Bachelor's degree from Molloy College and a Master's degree from St. John's University.

"We are thrilled to have entered into this partnership with St. John's University," said Dr. Drew Bogner, President of Molloy College. "This program provides an economic opportunity for our students interested in expeditiously earning a Master's degree in disciplines where Molloy does not currently have a graduate program, while gaining a professional advantage in the workplace."

The accelerated pathways include programs across the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences.

Molloy UG Program

SJU GR Program

Art, B.F.A. (PDF)

Museum Administration, M.A.

Biology, B.S. (PDF)

Biology, M.S.

English, B.A. (PDF)

English, M.A.

Earth and Environmental Studies, B.S. (PDF)

Environmental Science and Policy, M.A.

History, B.A. (PDF)

History, M.A.

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A., B.S. (PDF)

Liberal Studies, M.A.

Mathematics, B.A. (PDF)

Applied & Computational Mathematics, M.A.   

Philosophy, B.A. (PDF)

Liberal Studies, M.A.

Political Science, B.A. (PDF)

Government & Politics, M.A.

Psychology, B.S. (PDF)

Psychology, M.A.

Sociology, B.A. (PDF)

Sociology M.A.

Language, Literature and Cultures, B.A. (PDF)

Spanish, M.A.

Theology and Religious Studies, B.A. (PDF)

Theology, M.A.

Theology and Religious Studies, B.A. (PDF)

Liberal Studies, M.A.

Students in these disciplines will apply for the program through their respective departments in their sophomore year. Upon acceptance, students can take up to one graduate course at St. John's University in each semester of their junior and senior years, for a total of 12 graduate credits. These credits are applied to their BA/BS degree in the respective discipline at Molloy College and to their Master's degree at St. John's University.

"This new academic partnership between St. John's University and Molloy College is a collaborative effort which will benefit students by placing them on a fast-track to a graduate degree," stated Conrado "Bobby" Gempesaw, Ph.D., President of St. John's University. "By working together to ensure student success, St. John's and Molloy seek to prepare tomorrow's leaders for the 21st-century workforce." 

In order to be considered, Molloy College students will need to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in all courses in the major, and a 3.0 GPA overall, with at least 12 credits completed in the major by the time of acceptance. During the year following graduation from Molloy College, students complete all remaining requirements for the Master's at St. John's University.

"At a time when many institutions of higher education are cutting back on liberal arts learning, we at Molloy College are doubling down on its value," said Dr. Christopher Malone, Founding Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Molloy College. "Today, through this partnership with St. John's University, we are taking liberal arts learning at Molloy to exciting new heights by providing our students with the ability to earn a Master's degree across an array of disciplines from one of the best universities in the country in as little as five years."

The Molloy College/St. John's University Accelerated Pathways option will save families thousands of dollars in tuition toward graduate studies at the same time give students a leg up on their careers. Recent studies have shown that students who earn a graduate degree make on average $17,000 more per year than those with a bachelor's degree.

For more information, contact the Molloy College Office of Admissions at 516.323.4000, or The School of Arts and Sciences at Molloy College at 516.323.3433.

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