Dominican Colloquium Concurrent Sessions

Conference participants will be able to pick from a variety of topics presented during six (6) concurrent sessions offered during the conference on Friday and Saturday (three (3) concurrent sessions each day). 4-5 topics will be offered in each concurrent session. Participants will be asked to pre-register for the topics that they would like to attend since seating will be limited in most of the sessions.  

Powerpoint presentations are available for download for a number of the seesions, including the Friday morning Keynote Session with Gregory Heille, O.P., the Keynote session on Saturday evening with Toni Harris, O.P.  and the Sunday morning reflection with S. Dorothy Fitzgibbons, O.P., Ed.D. If the presentation is available it will have the download link listed after the session.

The following is a listing of all the Concurrent Sessions. Please click on the Session Title for a session description.

Friday 6/13

10:15 - 11:15     Friday Concurrent Session 1
1. Towards a Dominican Model of Higher Education, Stephen O. Morrell, Ph.D.  Barry University PP Presentation
2. Social Justice Education through Service-Learning in the Higher Education Curriculum, Glenn Bowen, Ph.D., Barry University PP Presentation
3. Transforming Students Into Leaders Through Civic Engagement: Expanding the Classroom Experience, Maureen Mackenzie, Ph.D., Kathleen Smith, Ph.D. and Madeline Gunn, Ph.D., Molloy College PP Presentatiion
4. Is Charity Enough? The Challenges of Community-Based Service Learning in Higher Education, Madonna Thelen, Dominican University PP Presentation

11:30-12:30     Friday Concurrent Session 2
1.   Nonprofit Leadership Session*
     a. Non-Profit Forums: Connecting Contemplation of Career Paths to the Promotion of Common Good,  Maureen Mulhern, M.S. Ed., St. Thomas Aquinas College  PP Presentation 
     b.  Designing a Nonprofit Curriculum, John Grant, Ohio Dominican University
2.   First Year Experience Session*
     a. Transforming First-Year Experience Programs to Cultivate Socially Aware and Involved Students, Brett Klein, Barry University PP Presentation
     b. Inspiring Social Responsibility Through the Freshman Seminar and Vocational Discernment Initiatives, John Moriarty, M.B.A. and Eileen McDonough, Ed.D., Barry University
3.   International Service Learning, Chad Gunnoe, Joelle Baldwin, Jennifer Dawson and Kathy Kremer, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids PP Presentation

* Note:  where presenters are grouped together, each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes for their topic.

1:30  - 3:00     Friday Concurrent Session 3
1. Dominican Pedagogy* 
     a. Dominican Teaching and Tradition in Liberal Arts Core Seminars, Panelists: Andrew-David Bjork, Ph.D., Julieanna Frost, Ph.D., Mark Schersten, Ph.D. , Siena Heights University 
     b. Engaging and Inspiring Alumni Through the Four Pillars of Dominican Tradition,  Marion Flomenhaft, Ph.D., Molloy College
2.  Education and Responsibility for the World Within Diverse Disciplines*, Robert Murray, Ph.D., St. Thomas Aquinas College, Chair
     a. Teaching Design as an Ethical and Sustainable Practice, Nina Bellisio, M.F.A.
     b. Compassion, Creativity, and Social Justice:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching about Prisons,  Ellen Chayet, Ph.D. and Barbara Yontz, M.F.A.
     c. Native American Activism and the Pine Ridge Reservation, Heath Bowen, Ph.D. and Ryan Burbridge, student
3. Building Community Through Innovative Partnerships, Sister Linda Bevilacqua, O.P., Ph.D., Roxanne Davies, Ph.D, Jack Dezek, Ph.D., and Carols Viera, M.Ed., Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Handouts and PP for Session: CLP PDF ; Community Learning Partners ; PP
4 Vulnerable Populations*       
     a. It's About Inclusion:  The Cutting Edge Program, Dr. Dedra Hafner and Lili O'Connell, Edgewood College
     b. Rediscovering and Maintaining Hope in Children of Poverty, Kevin Sheehan, Ed.D., Molloy College PP Presentation

* Note:  where presenters are grouped together, each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes for their topic.

2:30 - 3:30     Friday Poster Presentations - General Session
Please note that this a general session that you do not need to register for. The session is on-going throughout the hour and will take place in the first floor lobby of the Public Square. If you are attending a concurrent session from 1:30-3:00 p.m. you will still have at least 1/2 hour to view the posters.

Poster Presentation download

Saturday 6/14

10:15 - 11:15     Saturday Concurrent Session 4
1.  Inside/Outside:  Inspiring Compassion from the Classroom, LeeAnn Bartolini, Ph.D., Gail Matthews, Ph.D., Mairi Pileggi, Ph.D., Dominican University of California PP1 Presentation; PP2 Presentation
2.  Cultivating Leadership Through ServiceChristine M. Dilts, Dominican College PP Presentation
3.  Research Session*
a. Implementation of High Impact Practices on the Albertus Campus: Engaging Students in Collaborative Research, Hilda Speicher, Ph.D. and Patricia Compagnone-Post, Ph.D. Albertus Magnus College PP Presentation
     b. Using Storytelling Research Methodology to Explore Tenets of the Leadership and Spirituality in Management and Decision-Making for Three Diverse Women Leaders, Carole Huberman, Ph.D., Cynthia Davis, Ph.D., Andrea Allen, Ph.D., Barry University
4.  Sustainability Session*
     a. What's Swiss Chard Got to Do With It?  Sustaining Our Community with Veggies, Hard Work, and Community Engagement, Felice Maciejewski, Elena I. Maans and Monica Halloran, Dominican University Presentation
     b. Panem Nostrum Quotidianum:  Exploring Economic Justice through Food, Manuel J. Tejeda, Ph.D., Barry University
5. College Students as Catalysts of Change: Studying and Practicing Philanthropy at Providence College, Raymond L. Sickinger, Ph.D., Professor of History and Public and Community Service Studies;  William Allen, Special Lecturer, Public and Community Service Studies, Providence College; Catherine Latz,  Class of 2013, Assistant Director, Corporate/Foundation Relations & Constituent Engagement, Office of Institutional Advancement, Providence College and Greta Schaaf,  Class of 2015, Providence College

* Note:  where presenters are grouped together, each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes for their topic.

11:30-12:30     Saturday Concurrent Session 5
1.  Linguistic Challenges of English Language Learners and their Families, Moderators: Audrey Cohan, Ed.D., Andrea Honigsfeld, Ph.D., Molloy College: Panelists: Maria Dove, Ed.D., Charles Howlett, Ph.D., Laura Shea Doolan, Ed.D., Molloy College; Robin Finnan-Jones, Ed.D. and Audrey Murphy, Ed.D., St. John's University PP Presentation
2.  Technology Session*
     a. Teaching Interpersonal Skills in a Virtual Environment, Gail A. Ryder, Siena Heights University Click here for a link to the handout.
     b. Captain of the Canoe:  Leading a One Man Office with Free Digital Resources, Dave Eng, M.A., Director of Student Activities, St. Thomas Aquinas College
3.  Pedagogy/Mathematics Session*
     a. Contemplation, Inquiry, and Creation: How to Teach Math While Keeping Ones Mouth Shut,  Andrew-David Bjork, Ph.D., Siena Heights University PP Presentation
      b. Making Connections on Your Campus, Jennifer Bready, Ph.D., Mike Daven, Ph.D., Lee Fothergill, Ed.D., Mount Saint Mary College
4.  Doctoral Issues Session*
     a. From Mission Alignment to Lived Curriculum:  Faculty Walking the Walk in a Doctoral Level "Special Topics" Course, Jill B. Farrell, Ed.D. and Carter A. Winkle, Ph.D., Barry University
     b. Incorporating Dominican Values into Decision Making and Reflection and the Effect on Authentic Leadership, Suzanne Otte Allen, Ed.D., Edgewood College PP Presentation
5.  Nursing Focus on the Post-Katrina Environment:  Homelessness and Humanism, Kathleen Lamaute, Ed.D., R.N, FNP-BC., NEA-BC, CNE, Molloy College, Isiah Mendoza RN, BS (graduate), Jocelyn Rodriques RN, BS (alum), Kiera O'Leary RN, BS (alum), Merzelie Casimir Molloy Nursing Student, Matthew Ballon Molloy Nursing Student

* Note:  where presenters are grouped together, each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes for their topic.

1:30 - 3:00     Saturday Concurrent Session 6
1.  Pedagogy Session*
     a. Theology from the Experience and Perspective of Women,  Sister Anne-Marie Kirmse, O.P., Ph.D., Fordham University
     b. Criminal Justice, Fact and Fiction,  James Geistman, Ph.D., Patricia Schnapp, and Danielle Teunion-Smith, Siena Heights University PP Presentation
     c. How Can I Color if There Are No Lines?  Vicki Toale, OP, D. Min., Molloy College
2Dominican Young Adults Session*
     a. Inviting Dominic Back to the Dominican College: Creating a Dominican Young Adult Chapter on Your Campus,  Sister Diane Capuano, O.P., Sarah Quinn, Andrew Abberton, Molloy College
     b. Better Together: Fostering Interfaith Appreciation to Advance the Common Good, Jeffrey Carlson, Ph.D., and Claire Noonan, DMin., Dominican University PP Presentation
     c. We Are What We Do, Or Not?  Approaching New Forms of Poverty, Injustice and Oppression from a Business and Theology Perspective, Giovanna Czander, Ph.D.  and Kenneth Mias, D.P.S., Dominican College PP Presentation
3.   Service Learning Session*
     a. Lessons Learned in Service-Learning, Steffano Montano, Coordinator of Service Learning, Theology Department, Barry University and Dr. Raymond Ward, Assistant Professor of Theology, Barry University PP Presentation
     b. The Development of the Service Course:  Long Island LEADS:  Our Families, Our Communities, Cheryl Camenzuli, Ph.D., Molloy College and Angela Zimmerman,  Coordinator Family Support Long Island, Office of Advancement, Molloy College PP Presentation
     c. Learning Social Justice through a Jamaican Medical Mission, Joan Ginty; Victoria Siegel; Ed.D., Denise Walsh, Ph.D., Margaret Whelan, Ed.D., RN, FNP, Molloy College
4.    Social Justice Session*
     a. Living Well and Working Toward a More Just World: Plato as a Guide and  Motivator, Kevin Hermberg, Ph.D.,  Dominican College
     b. Education as Dojo: Application of Aikido into Forming a Vision of a Just World, Dianne Costanzo, Ph.D., Dominican University Presentation Download
     c. Preparing the Globally Positioned Social Worker: Assessing Students' Self    Evaluation of Privilege and Oppression,   Leticia Villarreal Sosa, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. and James L. Scherrer, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., Dominican University

* Note:  where presenters are grouped together, each presenter will have approximately 30 minutes for their topic.