Freqently Asked Questions

What is All in Day?

All in Day, our day of giving, is our opportunity to show pride and gratitude for the impact that Molloy has had on each of us. Our goal is to reach 1001 donations, of any size, so we meet our donation challenge of a pledged $50,000 scholarship.    

Why is All in Day 1955 Minutes?

This year ALL IN DAY will be 1955 minutes, spanned over two days. It was in 1955 that the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville founded Molloy and began a tradition of affordable high quality education.  

When is All in Day?

All in Day starts at 3:24 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25 and concludes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 26.   

Why donate to Molloy on All in Day?

As an incentive for alumni, parents, friends and students to meet the challenge of 1001 donations, Michael Valveri, an alumna from the Classes of '10 and '12, will pledge a $50,000 scholarship. Thank you to Michael for his generosity! Other generous alumni and friends of the College have created challenges to encourage everyone to give to Molloy on All in Day. Details about these donations will be revealed as we approach April 25. All gifts, no matter the size, help us to reach our goal of 1001 donors. How can I donation to All In Day?

  • Online: Donate to Molloy College on online.
  • In Person: visit one of our Donation Stations in the Public Square, Hagan, or outside of the Anselma Room on Thursday, April 26.
  • By Phone: Call 516.323.4708 and we will be happy to help facilitate your donation.
  • By Mail: at the request of alumni, donations received during the month of April, until Thursday, April 26, will be counted towards All in Day.

Is there a minimum or maximum donation I can make on All in Day?

Yes. The minimum gift amount is $xx online. Smaller gifts will be accepted at oncampus donation stations only. But the sky is the limit! How can I help make All in Day a success? In addition to donating, become an advocate by spreading the word and encouraging others to join in the campaign! Send an email to your Molloy contacts and your friends about All In Day, post on social media, create a challenge, or create  personal plea.  Invite others to donate, just like you donated!

Why should everyone participate?

  • Did you know that tuition payments cover less than 80% of the actual cost of educating a Molloy College student? Donations bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the total operating budget.
  • Over 80% of all students receive some type of financial aid. Molloy College is responding to the continued need for assistance by families, and to make Molloy College as competitive as possible by enrolling the most academically qualified students, regardless of their financial circumstances
  • Alumni giving in-particular is important because it is used by many publications and external groups, including the U.S. News and World Report, in compiling college rankings. It is a marker of alumni satisfaction in their alma mater. When the ranking is high, a Molloy degree is more valuable, so it is a benefit for everyone to participate.
  • Faculty and staff giving is also very important. The support of those who work at the College shows belief in the Mission of the College, raising our standing in publications and in grant applications.

Does my gift count toward my annual gift to the College?

Yes! Your gift of any size on All in Day will count toward your annual giving total, your reunion gift, and your senior class gift. Donors are encouraged to support the Molloy Fund, which assists in funding programs with the greatest needs across the campus. You are also welcome to designate your gift to any cause you are most interested in supporting. You can indicate your preference on the giving page of the website. Your gift may also be eligible to be matched by your computer. Go to our search tool to see if your company will match gifts to Molloy (LINK!!).

Is my online payment secure?

All payments are processed by or, both trusted sources in online payments. You will receive an email confirmation that can serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

What if I already made a gift to Molloy College this year?

Thank you for supporting Molloy College! We appreciate your generosity, and encourage you to donate again today to help us to achieve our goal of 1001 donors. Any donation amount will help us to reach our goal of 1001 donors.

How can I help to promote All in for Molloy?

Share the images and messages that are on our All in for Molloy Social Media Toolkit. Send an email to classmates, post on your Facebook page, tweet, post on Instagram, wear a sandwich board, tell everyone you know. Any way you can spread the word to get us to 1001 donors is appreciated!    

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