Four Pillars of Dominican Life

Community + We do not learn to walk alone, we do not learn to pray alone, we cannot fully know the mystery of God in isolation. We need one another. Community challenges us with interdependence and diversity. The Order of Preachers began in 1206. Dominican life has not been about uniformity but about a celebration of unity in diversity. It raises the questions: What is the common good? How do we make room for others and their needs?

Service + Mission + Prayer, study, and community give us the confidence and direction necessary to give service to the world. St. Dominic recognized that we show God to others by how we are and how we act as persons. Dominicans call that preaching. The preaching is profoundly who we are as persons and who we become by the way we serve others.

Four PillarsSpirituality + At the heart of Dominican Life is prayer. While we are called to share the fruits of our contemplation, private prayer has traditionally found its counterpart in common prayer, especially the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist. It is from our prayer that all life and ministry flow. Dominican spirituality recognizes that each person is unique and has a special relationship with God. Shaped by our own personality and giftedness, meditation and contemplation will take different forms for each person.

Study + Searching for truth + Dominic said, "Always study!" Dominicans believe that God's revelation takes place in all of life. To study is to find God. Dominicans especially study the Word of God. In the search for truth, we try to listen deeply to the ideas of those with whom we disagree. Deep listening requires that we take time to allow the earth and all the happenings around us to teach us our place on this planet.

Molloy College was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Amityville in 1955.
The pillars are a way to carry on the search for Truth and to live authentically in this place of higher learning.

The four seasons were correlated to the concept of the four pillars as follows:

Autumn - The season of community. Autumn is when we come together collectively as the Molloy Community to start our academic year, to recognize changes to our group, and to celebrate our diversity.

Winter - The season of going within, being still, being aware of silence as snow falls, and being aware of the darkness as the days are shorter. Winter is used as a metaphor for prayer and spirituality.

Spring - The season of new growth and new life. It is the season for the budding forth of new ideas and for study.

Summer - The season of being in full bloom. This is the season of service. It is time for sharing the abundance of who we are with others around us.

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