Whom Should I Call?

We encourage those who experience sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct to report the incident directly to a Molloy College Public Safety Officer, the Title IX Coordinator, a Deputy Title IX Coordinator or a member of the Harassment Advocacy Panel. These individuals will support and provide you with information regarding options, including:

  • Grievance procedures
  • Interim remedies
  • Ongoing emotional support

These individuals will assist in eliminating the misconduct, preventing its recurrence and addressing any effects.

All of the resources listed below are trained to support students and coordinate with the Title IX Coordinator consistent with the College's commitment to a safe and healthy educational environment. Molloy Colleges values confidentiality and as such reports of sexual assault will be shared only with individuals with a need-to-know or as required by law.

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Brendan Caputo, Enrollment Management  516.323.4021
Michael Grasso, Athletics  516.323.3602
Janine Payton, Student Affairs  516.323.3456
Marion Flomenhaft, Academic Affairs  516.323.3023

Harassment Advocacy Panel

Normadeane Armstrong, Associate Professor, Nursing  516.323.3670
Audrey Cohen, Professor, Division of Education   516.323.3123
Lorraine Emeghebo, Assistant Professor, Nursing  516.323.3684
Talita Ferrara, Counseling Center  516.323.3466
Marion Flomenhaft, Alumni Relations   516.323.3023
Michael Grasso, Athletics   516.323.3602
Bob Houlihan, Student Affairs   516.323.3457
Janine Payton, Student Affairs   516.323.3458
Lilian Osorio, Human Resources   516.323.3048 (Bilingual English/Spanish)
Carrie Sollin, Counseling Center  516.323.3465

Resident Advisors

Students living in the residence halls who are employed by Residential Life and trained to refer students to appropriate campus resources.

Siena Women's Center
| 516.323.3020

Confidential resources and support

Molloy understands that a student who has been the victim of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment may wish to talk about the incident with the assurance that the discussion will be confidential.  There are several support resources that students may utilize on a confidential basis.  Students are encouraged to consult these sources for confidential emotional support.  Because these services are confidential, a discussion with any of these sources does not result in a complaint being filed with the College or result in action being taken by the College to respond to the incident.

Health Services     | 516.323.3467
Counseling Center
| 516.323.3484
Campus Ministries
| 516.323.3224
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Molloy College Mission Statement
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