Speech-Language Pathology Program

All assistantships are available for September 5, 2014. Positions are 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. Recipients receive three (3) graduate credits a semester and a $500 stipend at the completion of the assistantship. Graduate Assistants must be enrolled in at least six (6) graduate credits to qualify. Positions will be filled as complete packets (application, resume and two references) are received in the Human Resources Office. Positions may be eliminated if not filled in a timely fashion and/or if budget has been expended. Please apply in the Human Resources Office, first floor, Kellenberg Hall 112, by August 1, 2014.

Department: Speech-Language Pathology Program
Supervisor: Susan Alimonti, Speech Center Director
Position title: Graduate Research Assistant


1. Assist speech center director in drafting proposals and papers for conference presentations and publications
2. Assist speech center director in analyzing data
3. Engage in library research for literature review
4. Assist clinical educator and speech center director in the review of written reports and lesson plans. Meet with undergraduate students, after consultation with clinical educator and center director, to assist students in developing their writing skills
5. Assist speech center director and clinical educator in preparing undergraduate students and materials for service learning/Head Start activities
6. Assist speech center director in researching and drafting proposals for new equipment and programs to be purchased for clinical and research purposes.
7. Assist Speech Center Director in development and implementation of procedures to maintain compliance with current HIPPA guidelines through student education


1. Excellent writing skills
2. Previous experience with both research design and clinical activities
3. Creative problem solving
4. Computer literacy
5. Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to interact and communicate respectfully with undergraduate students, clinical staff and academic faculty

Hours: Flexible