Rebecca Center for Music Therapy/Humanities/Music

Molloy College Request for Graduate Assistant Graduate Research Assistant


Rebecca Center for Music Therapy/Humanities/Music

Supervisor's Name and Title

John A. Carpente, Ph.D., Exec. Dir; FT Faculty, Music

Graduate Assistant Position Title

Research Assistant

Major duties and responsibilities of this position

The Rebecca Center has engaged in various types of quantitative and qualitative research focusing on music therapy an autism such as clinical trails, arts-based, assessment reliability & validation, and grounded theory. Recently the Center moved into becoming involved in collaborative research projects with universities domestically and internationally. Thus, the center is seeking a graduate research assistant to assist in the various research-based duties. the graduate research assistant's primary role will be to assist the Director of the Rebecca Center for Music Therapy in the following areas of research:

  • Data collection; article reviews; coding sessions
  • Archiving data; inputting data into SPSS & other software i.e. excel
  • Video recording research sessions and converting files to be stored
  • Create excel spreadsheets
  • Assist in preparing and participating in research presentations at conferences & workshops
  • Assist in writing & co-authoring publications pertaining to research
  • Attend bi-weekly research meetings with on-site and off-site researchers from various universities

Knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for this position

  • An interest in research
  • Organized & detail oriented
  • Microsoft office that includes PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Willingness to be trained in SPSS

Please detail the schedule of hours of work for this position