Speech-Language Pathology - Graduate Research Assistant

Department: Speech-Language Pathology Program
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy S. McGarr
Position title: Graduate Research Assistant


The student will assist in projects currently in progress.  One project, has preliminary data which have been accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Speech- Language and Hearing Association. This poster presentation will require final statistical analysis of the graphic data and literature review update for publication. The research assistant will assist in the final literature review and also assist in preparing final manuscript for editorial submission to Volta Review (i.e. checking final Excel sheets for errors, producing tables, etc.). The second research project focuses on production of vowels by adults with Down Syndrome. The data have been collected and some graphs produced. The research assistant will be involved in a review of the literature and in completion of the graphing of the data which is already in Excel spread sheets in preparation for final statistical analysis. The manuscript is being prepared for submission to the American Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

The Graduate assistant will also assist in undergraduate courses in Communication Skills of the Hearing Impaired (SLP 371) Cochlear Corporation which manufactures cochlear implants for persons with profound hearing loss makes available materials for student use. These can be used outside the class time as excellent laboratory experiences. Undergraduates are just being introduced to these topics and therefore the graduate student can provide guidance in conducting these labs. In addition, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to use equipment in the Speech Center such as the Visipitch to make measures of productions of hearing-impaired speakers with the assistance of the graduate student. Finally, preparation of current reference list of research studies that are published regarding success of cochlear implants with children and adults who have severe-profound hearing loss needs to be produced.

Both the research and laboratory experiences are commensurate with responsibilities of speech-language pathologists and therefore afford the graduate student/research assistant additional experiences in preparing for the profession.


  • Knowledge of search engines for literature reviews in the field
  • Knowledge of software programs such as excel and basic graphing of the data
  • Opportunity to expand knowledge on statistical analysis
  • Willingness to interact with undergraduate students in SLP 371 which is offered both in the fall and spring semesters

Hours: Flexible