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December 2016
Quiet Communities is a national not-for-profit working on the local level to promote more sustainable landscaping practices. The landscaping industry has grown significantly and gas powered equipment is now used for everything that used to be done manually.  Quiet Communities takes a scientific, evidenced based approach to the issues raised by gas-powered landscaping equipment. Problems of gas equipment include emissions, noise and dust, which can all cause detrimental health, quality of life and environmental impacts. The organization has four advisory councils: health; legal; community; and environmental. Read more

September 2016
Neal Lewis, executive director of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College, welcomed the group and provided some context and updates for the meeting, reminding the attendees that the L.I. Clean Energy Leadership Task Force had been working for 12 years with LI municipalities.

Mr. Lewis related that at the last meeting the Task Force had hosted a panel of seven speakers to discuss the issues raised by proposals for large-scale solar projects. "If you wish, we had a real, live solar panel," he said.  Read More.

June 2016
Neal Lewis - The rate increases of a half percent, two percent, then another two percent over the next three years is substantial compared to 17 years prior, during which there had only been two increases of just about 2% each in that whole time. Why did that have to be done? Read More.

February 2016
Neal Lewis opened the meeting by putting into context the input that the Sustainability Institute was recently invited to provide to PSEG Long Island regarding the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) they are currently preparing. He noted that the global average temperature in 2015 was the highest on record, beating the record set in 2014. At the U.N. conference on climate change recently held in Paris, representatives of almost 200 countries agreed on the goal of keeping global warming below 2° Celsius (and the importance of striving to keep warming under 1.5°), and all committed to making contributions to reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with reporting on progress and updating plans every five years. The New York State Energy Plan is consistent.... Read More.

April 2015
As we celebrate Earth Day 2015, it is appropriate to take stock and evaluate the success of efforts to mitigate global warming and promote clean energy solutions. This year we brought people together for a frank discussion of the status of efforts to grow the industry, and to brainstorm policy ideas that could be the kind of game changers that will further boost the growth of clean energy on Long Island. Read More.

July 2015
There are several things that are happening at the state level that are very exciting. First is Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a process initiated by the state Public Service Commission. REV seeks to speed up the move to energy efficiency and renewables, by looking at regulations that impede the energy de-carbonization transition. REV looks to design new energy markets and promote competition that will advance clean energy investments. REV emphasizes... Read More

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