Spring 2016 Events

Influence of faIth on humanIty and culture

Our great country is comprised of people from multiple backgrounds and thus historical perspectives. Cultures and faiths vary, thus, it is important that we learn and understand each other to live in harmony in our great nation.

The Institute is proud to present another program that hopes to achieve compassion and above all understanding of and for each others' varied backgrounds and beliefs. Is this not the essence of our country.

Join us Sunday afternoons to experience great programs designed for your pleasure, learning and memories. Programs are intellectual, exciting, and really interesting. Meet people who also want to learn and enjoy stimulating topics and discussions. During the question and answer periods feel free to participate and express your opinions.

Sunday, January 31, 2016 - Larini Multipurpose Room, Public Square - 3 p.m. Viewing - "The Diary of Anne Frank" - True Story
What was she really like! Watch an extraordinary documentary that presents a unique account of a teenage girl during World War II. Anne Frank has become a symbol of the oppressed in a world of violence and tyranny. However, her name invokes tolerance, humanity and a will to live. She is unforgettable, a symbol to an eternal testament of courage and  hope.

Not To Be Missed - Never To Be Forgotten - Beautiful & Illuminating!

Sunday, March 6, 2016 - Larini Multipurpose Room, Public Square - 3 p.m. Music of Various Faiths and Cultures
by: Steven Tice, President & Conductor - Malverne School of Music, Malverne, N.Y.
A concert presentation, music from several faith traditions, comparing and contrasting how musical selections exhibit the culture that eminate of their historic setting. Geographical location, the era in which the music was written and how the religious setting impacted each of the musical selections. Teachers and students from the Malverne School of Music will demonstrate early instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods of Western Europe, including lute and viola da gamba.

A fabulous afternoon of music and gaiety!

Sunday, April 10, 2016 - Hays Theater, Wilbur Arts Center - 3 p.m. History and Culture of Buddhism
Presenters: Members of Soka Gakkai International USA The New York Culture Center; 15th Street, New York, N.Y.

This religion came into existence to reform some aspects of Hindu traditions. Learn about the Buddhist faith and their leaders. It is practiced differently in many countries yet it has a wide spectrum of beliefs in deities, essences and self. Spend a fascinating afternoon to hear about the venerated words of the first Buddha and where and how this faith is practiced today.

Sunday, May 1, 2016 - Larini Multipurpose Room, Public Square - 3 p.m. 50 Years with Peter, Paul & Mary - A Musical Tradition
Watch them and listen to their music, their fanaticism about universal love and assuredly interfaith beliefs. Feel free to sing along to the songs that you know and love.

This will be followed by Round Table Discussion, where you will talk to each other and share opinions. A moderator at each table will facilitate discussion. Enjoy refreshments while getting to know each other.

There is no charge for these exciting programs. However, monetary gifts are welcome to sustain the quality of the events. Contributions are gratefully accepted, are tax deductible and will assist us in continuing Interfaith work.


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